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🥇 [2021] Illusionist Uri Geller apologizes for lawsuit that once stopped Kadabra’s Pokémon cards pixiegames

4 julio, 2021

There is no spoon, or at least, there is no spoon grasped by Kadabra in any Pokémon card made in the last two decades. Over the long holiday weekend, some Pokémon news surfaced that could see Gen 1 Pokémon finally returning to the Trading Card Game; The famous illusionist Uri Geller, who 20 years ago filed a lawsuit against Nintendo for Kadabra, has changed his mind and says that now he is fine with the psychic guy.

After TheGamer published an article about the lawsuit that Geller first started after discovering Kadabra’s existence (and Pokémon’s similarities to their own likeness) while doing Christmas shopping in Tokyo in 1999, Geller approached the site with a new statement. Geller, whose lawsuit against Nintendo referred to Kadabra’s original Japanese name (“Yungerer” or “Un-geller”) and the monster’s grabbed spoon (Geller’s rise to television fame included multiple spoon-bending performances), now he says he regrets the whole ordeal.

“I am so sorry for what I did 20 years ago,” Geller said. wrote on Twitter after contacting TheGamer. “Children and adults, I am going to release the ban. Now it’s all up to #Nintendo to get my #kadabra #pokemon card back ”. Geller says he reached out to Nintendo about the matter and that his message was seen by two company representatives: Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have yet to release new statements about Geller and Kadabra.

While Kadabra hasn’t been seen on an official Pokémon card in decades, it’s unclear if the matter was originally resolved with any concessions to Geller beyond leaving Kadabra out of the trading card game. Geller, who also objected to Kadabra’s similarities to his likeness on the grounds that the monster was depicted as “evil” (he also claimed that the three scribbles on Kadabra’s chest were a reference to the Nazi SS) was not so far enough to try to have Kadabra renamed or removed from other Pokémon media.

Kadabra’s absence from the Trading Card Game was certainly felt in the game itself, as the other Pokémon in its evolutionary line did not completely disappear. There was a letter from Abra made years later with a special move that allowed him to directly evolve Alakazam. Later, although the production of Abra cards also ceased, subsequent expansion sets continued to include Alakazam on special LV.X or EX cards that do not use the game’s evolution mechanics.

The possibility of new cards aside, this turn of events may spawn something really good. Superfan and Pokémon historian from Twitter Dr. Lava tweeted Geller with an offer: sign 100 Kadabra cards for charity. We hope that some worthy cause will benefit from a dispute that started long ago when the media was still reporting Pokémon as a flash-in-the-pan “toy craze”.

Header image: Kadabra art and TCG search results via the official Pokémon website.

🥇 [2021] Illusionist Uri Geller apologizes for lawsuit that once stopped Kadabra’s Pokémon cards pixiegames