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馃 [2021] Knowing learning strategies I

2 julio, 2021

What are the learning strategies?

If we choose learn or expand our knowledge on a subject is the goal do it in the most effective way possible; and for this it is necessary to know and use the different learning strategies.

Knowing what learning strategies are and how they can help us acquire new knowledge is essential to getting the most out of our study days.

Hence, it is important to understand first What are the learning strategies?. In reality they are nothing more than a Set of activities, procedures, and resources that we consciously use to achieve specific learning objectives. We reflect on one strategy or the other, depending on what we want to achieve.

6552 esrategias de aprendizaje to know learning strategies

The truth is that learning techniques and strategies are closely related because a learning strategy cannot be effective if the learning techniques are not known and mastered beforehand.

Learning skills are specific acts or tasks that a person performs in order to learn. These are techniques, for example underlining texts, working out diagrams, concept maps or summaries.

In short, learning strategies guide and help a student find the most effective way to learn.

Types of learning strategies

There are different types of learning strategies, but common ones are the following:

  • Creation of links. To learn a new subject, you have to Establish connections between the familiar and the new. In this way what we have not yet acquired or assimilated it integrates into our minds faster because we relate it with something we already know. It is common when learning with this type of learning strategy Create analogies or describe succinctly how the new material is related to what we already know. With this strategy the student can Take notes, summarize, or answer questions.

  • structuring. Consists Organize content so that the acquisition is easier for us and we absorb and anchor this knowledge well. This is a very effective task because with the structuring of the topic we are already doing an analysis and understanding exercise. To put this learning strategy into practice it is very common to Summaries, underlines, outlines or mind maps that contain the key concepts.

  • Conscious repetition of content. The working method through the repetition of content consists in the student acquiring a certain subject, repeating the content orally or in writing. This repetition deliberately

馃 [2021] Knowing learning strategies I