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馃 [2021] Mario sports a striking bald appearance in an old Donkey Kong coloring book pixiegames

2 julio, 2021

Mario rocks a surprising bald look in an ancient donkey kong coloring book Mario sports a surprising bald look in an ancient Donkey Kong coloring book

We’re all ashamed of our “awkward teenage years,” but only Nintendo superstar Mario can speak of his awkward twilight years. A recently unearthed Donkey Kong coloring book shows us a surprisingly bald and rather older-looking Mario, even while giving us a glimpse of who Pauline would become decades in Super Mario Odyssey.

Supper Mario Broth, a blog dedicated to sharing everything weird and strange about Nintendo’s history, posted the curious coloring book page on Twitter yesterday. It depicts Mario passing out in an audience, cap in hand (and a sizable bald spot glowing brightly), while his then-girlfriend Pauline sings on stage. “When Pauline sings, Mario sighs,” says the caption of the image. It is true that it took me a minute to realize that Mario “sighs” because he is in love with Pauline. At first I thought Mario was sighing in exasperation, like a father forced to listen to his son’s out of tune recital.

The coloring book is an antique when it comes to video game merchandise. It dates from 1982, when Mario’s proportions were a little rubberier and Popeye-like. Mario of the early 80s is already strange to look back at this time, as Mario rarely deviates a single inch from the Laws of Nintendo’s modern Mario measurements. But seeing Mario as a bald Popeye is something else.

What makes the page feel even weirder is the contrast between a faded version of Mario and an interpretation of Pauline that is still recognizable. (Outside of how his cheekbones stick out like butcher knives.) “Our” Pauline also sings, wears long hair and wears a robe. Color it blood red, kids!

It is true that Pauline from ’82 was not yet mayor of a city where children are not allowed, but by then she was already on her way.

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馃 [2021] Mario sports a striking bald appearance in an old Donkey Kong coloring book pixiegames