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馃 [2021] Objection to prosecutor I

1 julio, 2021

The main task of state lawyers is to provide legal assistance to both the state itself and the autonomous bodies or constitutional bodies. Also to the Autonomous Communities, as stipulated in the agreements between the government and them. We tell you Everything you need to know about prosecutor opposition.


Why stand for the opposition to the prosecutor?

When you graduate from law school, you may be wondering how to proceed. It is clear that one of the options is to try to create a future in the private sector; Another option is to prepare for work in a public institution. One way is to defy a prosecutor. It is true that it awaits you a long journey that requires a great deal of effort but if you can manage it it will be well worth it.

You will have a job for everyone Living with a more than interesting salary, which will be around 80,000 euros.

We must not forget that work is also exciting and has opened the doors for many to devote themselves to politics.

How is the opposition to the prosecutor?

You have to meet a number of Requirements for appearing to the public prosecutor for the objection:

  • Have Spanish citizenship.
  • Be over 18 and have not yet reached retirement age.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree or a law graduate.
  • Not being incapacitated or disqualified to practice as a prosecutor.

The test consists of 5 exercises:

  • During the first exercise, it is necessary to expose orally:
    • 2 civil law issues
    • 1 on mortgage law
    • 2 on procedural law
    • 1 of commercial law
    • 1 on labor law
  • Second exercise must also present orally:
    • 1 topic constitutional law
    • 2 administrative law issues
    • 2 topics of public finance
    • 1 Topic of international law and European community law
    • 1 subject of criminal law
  • Third exercise:
    • 1 language test in English or French.
    • 1 voluntary test in an official language of the European Union other than that of the first test.
  • Fourth exercise:
    • Bring a written lawsuit in a matter to which the state or any entity dependent or affiliated with the State Administration is a party.
  • Fifth exercise:
    • Practical exercise in which it is necessary to write on a legal matter of interest to the public administration.

What will you work on after you have approved the appeal with the prosecutor?

once You consent to objecting to a prosecutor, you receive your appointment, and you can practice as such….

馃 [2021] Objection to prosecutor I