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馃 [2021] Oenology | I don’t know what to study I

2 julio, 2021

Oenology is the discipline that deals with wine and its chemical characteristics. Enology includes viticulture and winemaking techniques.

What is oenology?

Oenology encompasses the knowledge of winemaking and ranges from the selection of the grape variety to the treatment of the soil and the techniques used in its production. Wine is an enormously complex drink made up of more than three hundred components, the result of many factors, mainly the type of soil, climatic conditions, the grape variety used and the winemaking processes used.

The Vintner is the technical advisor responsible for manage the winemaking process. He is the specialist who oversees the preparation, storage, analysis, preservation, bottling, marketing of wine and all activities related to the methods and techniques of viticulture and the production of wines, musts and other derivatives of the wines in the winery Tendril.

In addition, the oenologist must have a range of scientific knowledge that enables him to carry out the wine elaboration in the best possible way. From the vineyard to the tasting, the field of knowledge of winemaking includes all stages of cultivation, the preparation process, winemaking techniques, organoleptic analysis of the wine, serving and consumption. He must also have knowledge of legislation, since wine is a product that is subject to certain rules and controls, and in the field of economics and marketing, since the final destination of wine is the market and consumers.

advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of studying oenology

  • Constantly growing field of work.
  • It encompasses all aspects of production.
  • There are several countries where the activity can be developed.

Disadvantages of studying oenology

  • There aren’t many vacancies.
  • It exists as a bachelor’s degree at a few universities.

馃 [2021] Oenology | I don’t know what to study I