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馃 [2021] Personality types – I

2 julio, 2021

How am i really We have all asked ourselves this question before. Knowing yourself is not easy. We partly know how we behave, what skills and abilities we are, or how we react to different circumstances. But knowing what kind of personality defines us is more complex.

The different personality types determine the behavior and actions of people.

Personality types

For many years, many specialists have explored the human mind to find out the different types of personality that human beings can have. The goal is greater self-knowledge; In this way we can improve our skills, use the skills and abilities we have, while controlling and manipulating those we are not so good at.

One of the most renowned specialists in the field of personality type research is the German-born behavioral psychologist Hans J眉rgen Eysenck. His theory is based on psychology and genetics. For her different personality types are determined largely determined by genetic inheritance. This does not mean that she does not appreciate the importance and influence of the habits learned in personality formation, just that she is more focused on what is related to what is called temperament. That is, with what is innate or natural to the person.

The dimensions of temperament

According to Eysenck’s main research, there are two dimensions of temperament that define the personality types of individuals: extraversion-introversion and neuroticism. These are some of the main features of each of them.

  • Extraversion-introversion. For the German psychologists in this group are people with a resilient mind and who are more interested and focused on the outside; these are the ones we usually call extroverts. But even within this group there are their opposites, the introverts, the people with a more sensitive mind and those who are more inwardly directed.

Eysenck’s hypotheses were that individuals are dependent in one way or another on the arousal or inhibitory capacity of their brain. Arousal is understood as an expectant state when we are vigilant, while inhibition would respond to a state of the brain with greater relaxation or even blockage. This last behavior occurs to protect us from excessive stimulation.

This distinction therefore allows two types of personalities to be drawn based on their interests, qualities, and behaviors.

The extroverted They are usually sociable people who enjoy being in contact with other people, …

馃 [2021] Personality types – I