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馃 [2021] Pharmacist – I

2 julio, 2021

Pharmacists deliver and sell prescription and over-the-counter medicines in a pharmacy or in the pharmacy department of a supermarket.

They advise customers on taking the medication and on possible side effects. Pharmacists also offer advice on a variety of health issues, such as healthy eating, family planning, oral hygiene, and techniques or methods for quitting smoking. You can provide free information brochures on these topics.

Pharmacists use their experience to help decide when a customer should contact the doctor who prescribed the prescription.

You can verify that the dose a pharmacy customer is being prescribed is correct, or you can find out by asking if the customer is taking another drug that may interact dangerously with the drug being prescribed.

An Electronic Prescription Service (ERS) is currently in place in pharmacies across the country. This allows the family doctor to write a prescription and send it electronically to the pharmacy. EPS reduces the risk of errors and saves time, for example in the manufacture of drugs for chronic patients.

Sometimes pharmacists can refer customers to their GP after discussing their symptoms.

Most drugs arrive at pharmacies ready for sale, although pharmacists sometimes mix ingredients to make pills, capsules, powders, and ointments, but this is only a small part of their job.

However, the pharmacist may have to prepare some medication in the pharmacy, for example if the patient needs a specific formula.

In most cases, pharmacy technicians perform routine tasks such as counting pills and labeling products, and the pharmacist is responsible for overseeing their work.

Typically, pharmacies also sell other goods such as perfumes, cosmetics, and baby care products. In rural areas, the pharmacy can also sell agricultural, horticultural and veterinary products.

The pharmacist can therefore be involved in broader sales management functions. This includes the supervision and training of salespeople for effective customer care and advice as well as product marketing, inventory accounting, new product ordering and accounting.

Many pharmacists use computers to perform tasks such as inventory control, patient record keeping, labeling, and ordering products. They keep accurate computer records that support and facilitate the work of doctors.

Pharmacists are increasingly offering basic health checks such as blood pressure and …

馃 [2021] Pharmacist – I