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🥇 [2021] Pokemon Go bug type

1 julio, 2021

Best Pokémon Bug
Gym Defenders

As Gym Defenders, this type often fights due to their typically low Defense Stats and weaknesses to Fire, Flying, and Rock, all of which are commonly used as Gym Attackers. Even its resistances to Ground and Fighting, the two types that are most common for players in certain areas, are of little use since many Pokémon of both types can learn Rock moves.

Scizor Pokemon Go
CP max. 3001
Attack 236
Defending 181
Endurance 172
Pokémon Go Venomoth
CP max. 2082
Attack 179
Defending 143
Endurance 172

Bug / Flying and Bug / Poison type Pokémon like Poison They have a strong double resistance to Fight, which can compensate for their low Defense. They also have double resistance to common Grass moves and can put a lot of pressure on such Pokémon. Best Bug-type Pokémon are perhaps most effective when combined with Steel Type as Scizor, since those two guys cover each other against everything but Fire.

🥇 [2021] Pokemon Go bug type