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🥇 [2021] Pokémon UI designer communicates with fans about possible improvements in future pixiegames games

2 julio, 2021

Creatures Inc. lead UI designer Dave Gibson recently reached out to fans on social media to discuss how the UI and user experience could be improved in future Pokémon games.

Gibson initially took to Twitter to invite fans to discuss possible user interface improvements for the iconic series. Although the Pokémon games have many points in common with each other, the user interface has changed dramatically from one iteration to another: the menus in Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu, for example, are markedly different from those in Sword and Shield, a even though there is only one year between them.

“What UI / UX bugs drive you crazy in Pokémon games?” Gibson asked. “I want to submit the next game with a first-rate experience and your feedback. [is] invaluable.”

Fans quickly flocked to Gibson’s tweet, mentioning a variety of possible improvements that could dramatically improve the player experience. Among these suggestions are touch controls designed to make games more accessible, as well as quality of life improvements such as auto-ordered tiles and the resurrection of the “Pokémon found in this area” feature.

One in particular cheep focused on one of Sword and Shield’s most serious problems: inaccessibility. Although the poster notes that Sword and Shield featured some great UX improvements in its own right, they argue that subtitles should be on by default, or at least that there should be an option to turn them on when starting the game, and that it should always be noted. to the speaker during the dialogue.

The most important thing here is that while these changes may seem relatively minor, they completely change the way players associate with the game for the better. These small, easily implemented changes can have an astronomically large impact on people struggling to play games who are unaware of how players physically engage with them.

Gibson acknowledged the fan response in a cheep, stating that the responses have filled their workday for tomorrow.

“It’s going to be interesting to see the common factors and get almost 700 feedback items sorted and translated,” he wrote.

In somewhat related news, recently leaked beta sprites show some Gen 4 Pokemon in rather unflattering light, including a discarded Legendary Pokemon with balls dangling from its chin.

🥇 [2021] Pokémon UI designer communicates with fans about possible improvements in future pixiegames games