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馃 [2021] Process Engineer I

2 julio, 2021

Process development technicians seek and develop new processes in addition to improving existing ones. You are working on reducing costs, increasing efficiency and safety, improving product quality and finding green processes.

After scientists have developed a research prototype of a new product in the laboratory, technicians in process development are looking for a way to standardize the product and produce it on a large scale, known as scale-up.

Process development technicians study the prototype technical reports. Then they write their own reports to specify how the process to be developed should work.

You are a very important part of a team and work with scientific researchers, engineers and technicians. For example, they discuss computer-aided design (CAD) models and research. You will be advised by engineers to ensure that the correct materials are available to manufacture the product.

Process development engineers can also be in contact with suppliers, contract managers and customers.

You can lead teams, including other scientists and engineers, and have overall responsibility for the cost, safety, and timing of the project.

Increasingly, technicians also have to take environmental aspects into account. They are looking for ways to reduce the energy consumption of the process or use materials that can be recycled.

You plan and pilot the most promising process and carefully record and analyze the results. This test can reveal technical problems that the developer of the development process must resolve before manufacturing can begin.

When the decision has been made as to which procedure is best, the procedure is set up, tested and carefully studied in the laboratory.

Process development engineers often use advanced technology, including computers, to control process and production tests, and to find and identify defects.

They use technologies to measure and control conditions such as pressure and temperature, for example in the metallurgical sector in the aerospace industry.

These professionals also perform risk assessments to ensure that the process is safe and to determine the training needs of any staff who will be using the new equipment and technology. They review and respect safety laws and regulations.

They evaluate the evidence from the process, identify any problems that may exist and try to resolve them. Depending on the results of these tests, large-scale production will then begin.

Process development …

馃 [2021] Process Engineer I