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馃 [2021] Radiology | I don’t know what to study I

2 julio, 2021

The race of radiology teaches the tools and techniques to obtain physician-requested images of the human body.

The Radiology study form Professionals who can take basic pictures for diagnosis, the prevention of Diseases and the application of the appropriate treatment by the doctor specializing in the field.

The degree enables the development of manual skills for handling the corresponding machines, conveys specific knowledge in anatomy and physiology, conveys image reading and the ability to work in a team in various medical examinations.

The Radiologist have the Objective of capturing the images of the human body With the latest technology, you can coordinate imaging centers, ensure patients meet all requirements, receive and analyze doctor’s instructions, inject contrast media if necessary, and generate a test report.

The race of Radiology is extensiveIt takes practice before earning the degree and requires a lot of reading as it is a specialization in the medical sciences.

The radiologist can work in hospitals or clinics in the public or private sector, be part of research groups and advise on the conception and planning of services in his field.


advantages and disadvantages

The advantage Studying radiology are:

  • Opportunity to work in public or private hospitals.
  • Help patient before doctor’s diagnosis.
  • Knowledge of the captured images of the person.
  • Teamwork in research areas.
  • Good economic reward.

The disadvantage of the career are:

  • Low availability of resources when working in public areas.
  • Long working days.
  • It takes a lot of reading as it is a branch of science.
  • It is a profession of risk due to the radiation levels, although they are not in sight.
  • It requires adherence to an extensive list of rules and procedures.

馃 [2021] Radiology | I don’t know what to study I