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馃 [2021] Scholarships for studying abroad

2 julio, 2021

If you would like to train abroad as a teacher, you can use the existing scholarships and grants to finance your participation in Study programs outside of Spain.

There is a wide variety of scholarships and programs depending on the objective and academic level of the scholars to whom they are directed. Below are programs, grants and scholarships offered by the European Union for university and post-graduate students offered by various organizations for study abroad, double degree higher education programs and scholarships for language study outside and within Spain.

Foreign scholarships

European Union programs

The European Union has set up a number of Community programs to promote the mobility of students and professionals in teaching between the different countries of the Union.

The program Erasmus + It offers opportunities for studying, training, an internship or volunteering abroad as well as opportunities for cooperation between educational, training, youth and sports facilities.

Within In this European program you will find different options depending on the level of education at which you are studying or practicing:

This program offers professional instruction Infant, primary and secondary education Possibilities of Learning mobility, with the aim of expanding and improving their professional development. These possibilities are aimed at both the Faculty would like non-teaching staffTo carry out development activities abroad, to expand knowledge and skills.

Shares in Cooperation between schools or other organizations to improve the level and quality of teaching. Cooperation is one of these cooperation measures on-line between eTwinning schools.

This program offers the possibility Learning mobility Implementation of study and internship stays abroad for students, teachers and employees who teach basic vocational training and intermediate level courses. In addition, it helps vocational training institutions forge strategic partnerships with other organizations and companies to build strong relationships in the world of work.

The odds for him Student body from FP are considering the implementation of Internship abroad to increase employability, develop skills and competencies, and improve your job expectations. Of particular note are the scholarships from the Montemadrid Foundation, which promote internships in European companies for vocational training students and graduates, including those with special needs.

馃 [2021] Scholarships for studying abroad