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🥇 [2021] Sharpedo is the scariest Pokémon in the DLC of Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor pixiegames

2 julio, 2021

Sharpedo was already a pretty scary Pokémon in previous generations. While most other Pokémon at least somewhat mask their potential lethality, this is just a giant shark with a thirst for blood. And in the waters around the Isle of Armor, he has found a terrifying new home.

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s first expansion DLC, Isle of Armor, went live today. Several Pokemon from previous generations are heading to the Galar region because of that, and one of them is Sharpedo. In previous Pokémon games, you would usually just be swimming in the water and get a little screen flash and a musical stinger before going into battle.

But due to the open-world nature of Sword and Shield, where Pokémon are active and visible in their field areas, Sharpedos roam freely in the open sea. And if they see your ass in the water, they’re looking for it.

The coaches have been post videos on social media today, recording his heartbreaking encounters with the shark Pokémon. As they ride their bikes in the open sea, calmly enjoying the new sights and sounds, you can watch the water part when Sharpedo has caught his eye and aimed at the coach, furiously chasing them at top speed. It’s like the recent Maneater game, only in the supposedly friendlier world of Pokémon. YouTube video creator Jacob Geller compared it to him infamous water monster from Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Some Pokémon have always had a subtly terrifying vibe, from realistic prehistoric bugs to the inexplicably bizarre Galarian Meowth. And yes, even in Sword and Shield, a Bewear or Machamp chasing you across the field was terrifying.

But we were able to see those threats, and more importantly, those threats were on the ground. The ocean is emphatically scarier; it’s big, deep, and if the Sharpedos are in the top layer, God only knows what horror lurks below. In the shoes of this trainer, he would swear to give up Water Pokémon for life after just one encounter with the Sharpedo.

The Isle of Armor DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield is available today and is packed with new Pokemon content and stories that thankfully doesn’t include swimming with the sharks. A number of new Pokémon games were also announced today, including a surprise successor to the Nintendo 64 classic Pokémon Snap.

🥇 [2021] Sharpedo is the scariest Pokémon in the DLC of Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor pixiegames