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馃 [2021] Social work | I don’t know what to study I

2 julio, 2021

The race of Social work is oriented in the help and improve people’s wellbeingwho conducts research on the most common problems facing society.

The study of Social work enables management and action in response to the needs of a community and its various populations.

The graduate is trained to design and implement projects, develop prevention plans, create and participate in solidarity events, and offer new options to change the reality of citizens according to their greatest needs.

The Social worker generates solutions and guides people through complex moments in their lives, teaches new resources and means to achieve goals and guides citizens’ decisions. Through his duties, he strengthens communities in the short and long term, helps a society’s economy, gathers information before presenting his ideas, advises people on their rights and translates a need into a program of action. Solidarity.

The race requires that Study of various subjects related to diagnosis and social analysis and has a wide range of jobs with opportunities to work in hospitals, schools, universities, government departments, community centers and legal services. The social work graduate feels comfortable in humanitarian aid tasks, tries to improve the everyday life of the citizens and is able to plan.

Social work

advantages and disadvantages

The advantage To study social work are:

  • Opportunity to help the most needy in society.
  • It enables creativity to be used in the design of social plans according to the available resources.
  • Opportunity to work in the public sector or as a private consultant.
  • Wide range of job opportunities, from hospitals to legal advice.
  • Good economic reward.

The disadvantage of the career are:

  • Long career.
  • Lots of bureaucracy in carrying out a project for the state.
  • The execution of the plans depends heavily on the resources available.
  • It requires legal and legal knowledge.
  • Possible stressful situations in difficult times for people.

馃 [2021] Social work | I don’t know what to study I