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馃 [2021] Statistics – I

2 julio, 2021

Statisticians are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting numerical data. The results help other professionals make informed decisions, create company policies, and understand various aspects of modern life.

Many are assigned to work in central or local government departments and use statistical information to help create guidelines and advise the public.

Statisticians work in public administration departments and affiliated agencies.

They provide an information and advisory service for the government and parliament. This helps ministers develop and implement policies, for example in the health or justice sectors, and assess their impact on the public.

For example, government statisticians can examine the functioning and effectiveness of the public health system in terms of waiting lists, hospitals, staff and ambulance response times.

In addition to the public sector, the pharmaceutical industry is the largest employer of statisticians. There statisticians devote themselves to the conception and analysis of experiments in order to evaluate the effects of drugs and to test their safety.

You can be involved in all phases of drug development, from planning experiments to find useful biological compounds, to clinical studies that are conducted before and after the drug is made available to the public.

Statisticians also play a key role in medical research in the broader sense, for example:

  • In the control of heart disease.
  • In determining the causes of the disease or the factors associated with the disease.
  • In preventing death or disease.
  • When evaluating treatments.

Because disease-causing factors and people’s responses to treatment can vary widely, statisticians need to develop methods to account for these elements and to collect and explain the patterns that occur.

You will also design, implement and evaluate clinical studies. Some studies may only take a few months, while others may take years for the results to be significant. Statisticians then have to write reports and articles for later publication and can present the results at national or international conferences.

Statisticians are working more and more in biometrics, for example when investigating the possibilities of inheriting a certain disease or when checking the functionality of new plant varieties.

In business and industry statisticians work on market research. They dedicate themselves …

馃 [2021] Statistics – I