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🥇 [2021] Structure of the Abitur

3 julio, 2021

Structure of the Abitur

The Abitur level is configured in two academic years in which you have to take a number of subjects structured as follows:

  • Main subjects: These subjects give students a general education. Some of these are compulsory subjects (general core subjects) and others vary depending on the modality of the Abitur (optional core subjects).
  • Specific subjects: They are subjects to deepen in the chosen Abitur modality. Training centers and administrations can determine their offer.
  • Free subjects: This type of subject includes the co-official languages ​​(in the existing autonomous communities) which may be compulsory. In addition, it also includes specific subjects, subjects to expand their content or other subjects to be determined by the educational administrations.

In order to pass the course, you must have passed all subjects or you can move up from the first to the second with a maximum of two failed subjects. You must enroll in these pending subjects the following year to pass. To get the bachelor’s degree, you must pass all subjects.

If you want to start university studies, you must have a specific university entrance test.

Modalities and subjects of the Abitur

exist three modalities of the Abitur From which you can choose depending on your needs and interests:

  • Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • art

Which subjects do I have to take?

You have to take all general core subjects, Two core subjects of your choice and, depending on the educational administration and training centers, between a minimum of two and a maximum of three specific subjects. Each educational center organizes the Abitur and decides on the subjects it offers its students.

One of the exits from the Abitur is university studies. In order to enter the university, you must pass a specific entrance test, which consists of a general and a compulsory phase, as well as a specific phase, which is used to increase the grade. It is important that you choose a Baccalaureate modality that allows you to introduce yourself at the specific stage in order to raise the grade of the study that interests you, for this you need to know what the weightings of each subject are for the different university studies, and you also have to know cut marks.

Main subjects
Sciences Humanities and Social Sciences art
1. Abitur subjects
of the core fan block
  • philosophy
  • Spanish language and literature I
  • First foreign …

🥇 [2021] Structure of the Abitur