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🥇 [2021] Study industrial design

2 julio, 2021

Why study industrial design?

Industrial design is a discipline that is responsible for the conception and development of objects and products to be manufactured in series that have a functional purpose for people.

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What is industrial design about?

Industrial design is an activity that is not limited to the mere conception of the idea, but rather encompasses the entire production process. It is aimed at mass-produced products for human consumption and the improvement of their quality of life. Part of a creative process starting from the idea of ​​a new object that meets certain functional or aesthetic needs of consumers. In designing this product, economic, functional, aesthetic, commercial factors and limitations, etc. are taken into account. It is a complex activity that encompasses numerous branches of knowledge and is usually developed in multidisciplinary teams.

Study industrial design
Study industrial design

What tasks does an industrial designer take on?

The basic task of the industrial designer relates to the design aspect, namely the original conception, the development of the original idea and its expression, either in the form of a drawing or through computer systems. In doing so, it takes into account the wishes of the client, the existing technical conditions and economic feasibility. Create a production plan taking into account materials, costs and delivery time. He will also be part of the mass production process and help with the commercial and marketing aspects.

What is studied in industrial design?

It’s a multidisciplinary career so you can find topics that relate to different areas of study. Some of the subjects you will study may be: product design; Mathematics; Technical drawing; Materials and processes; Manufacturing Technologies: Physics; Design history; Industrial organization; Marketing and marketing; Industrial design; Packaging; Production planning; etc.

What job opportunities does an industrial designer have?

The industrial designer can carry out his work independently and sell his designs to companies from various industries. Within the technical department of a company you can help to improve existing products as well as to develop new products. There are also design agencies that are dedicated to developing new products …

🥇 [2021] Study industrial design