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馃 [2021] Study international relations

2 julio, 2021

The International Relations course is an important interdisciplinary focus in the development of political, economic and cultural relations in the international system of the modern age.

Why study international relations?

Because the program International Relations examines how global, regional and national factors influence the relationships between actors on the world stage. Students will have the basic skills and specific knowledge required to analyze the opportunities and challenges in this area. To the Study international relations You know the most important trends that shape the world around you and can conceive, understand and place current events in the corresponding analytical, historical and secular context.

Study international relations
Study international relations

What is the International Relations degree about?

The International Relations degree is concerned with the study of an international system made up of territorial states that do not recognize an overriding authority in matters they deem vital. It has to do with the nature of changing relationships between states and non-state actors. The functioning of the international system is examined, that is, the forces, factors and interests, customs, norms, institutions and organizations that make up the theory and history of its development.

How long does the International Relations degree take? Is this breed known by a different name?

The International Relations course, also known as International Studies, usually lasts around four years, depending on the country.

What job opportunities does a career in international relations offer?

The Bachelor of International Relations, like other degrees in the humanities, does not give you access to a specific subject. Instead, it gives you a broad knowledge base that will help you excel in a wide variety of professions. These professions include (but are not limited to): archivist, demographer, diplomat, foreign affairs analyst, foreign affairs specialist, foreign service official, immigration specialist, intelligence specialist, journalist, language specialist, market research analyst.

If, on the other hand, you have always been interested in politics or in the public service, a degree in international relations is conducive to working as a law assistant, political analyst in an agency or running for public office. .

If, on the other hand, you enjoy business topics, such as trade regulations, …

馃 [2021] Study international relations