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🥇 [2021] Study photography | I don’t know what to study I

3 julio, 2021

Photography is the art of capturing an image, be it in digital form or on film. A photo camera is used for this, which records the light on an image sensor or film.

Why study photography?

Because you are passionate about capturing the right moment, because you like to portray, be it people, landscapes or products. Study photography It gives you the tools you need to be a photographer. In a course, diploma or career in photography, you will learn how to use a digital and analog camera manually, so that you can learn everything about ISO or ASA, exposure and, in addition, everything to do with light, the The basis of photography is.

Photographer career
Do you want to study photography?

How long does the photography course or career last? Do you have to go to university to study photography?

To study photography, it is not 100% necessary to attend a university, it is enough to take various courses and diplomas offered by different universities. Currently, however, and mainly due to the competition in the world of work, it is better if possible to do a Bachelor of Photography / Bachelor of Visual Arts, this career usually lasts around four years and is the best education a photographer can have .

Black and white photography
Black and white photography

The 5 famous female photographers and the 5 leading photographers from Latin America and Spain.

The most famous photographers today are: Isabel Muñoz, Adriana Miranda, Graciela Iturbide, Paz Errázuriz and Diana Moreno. As for the photographers, the best known are: Chema Madoz, Eduardo Gil, Pedro Valtierra, Andrés Figueroa and Raúl Cañibano.

What does a photographer’s everyday life look like?

Photographer at work
In action

The best times of day for a photographer are sunrise and sunset, these two times of the day provide the ideal light to take more spectacular pictures. Rainy days can also offer more leeway when taking photos, be it through the intensity of the light, such as natural phenomena such as lightning or the shape of clouds.

Depending on where the photographer works, in the press, in institutions, independently, etc. He will work in different places, but the truth is that a photographer’s life is very busy. However, a large part of the day is likely to be taking photos and another part editing the photos you took.

Working in nature

Advantages and disadvantages of studying photography

There are many advantages to being a …

🥇 [2021] Study photography | I don’t know what to study I