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馃 [2021] Study plastic surgery

2 julio, 2021

Plastic surgery has very special aesthetic parameters such as the pursuit of perfection as an essential feature, here we tell you more about this specialty.

Reasons for studying plastic surgery as a major

There are those who appeal throughout their university career to be motivated for their future careers. Medicine is a profession that has a wide variety of industries that the receiving professional can devote to, including that of Plastic surgerywhat many call an art.

This branch of medicine not only gives people the opportunity to look rejuvenated and more beautiful, but by repairing them, favorable aesthetics can also be achieved in a patient who has gone through a traumatic situation or accident at some point in their life.

Why study plastic surgery?
Why study plastic surgery?

Does the race have the same name in all countries?

This specialty, like the vast majority of those who are part of the medical career, has the same name in the different countries that offer it. Students may find that some educational institutions offer broader careers, such as Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, or you are doing postgraduate studies in a specific area of 鈥嬧媡he body that you want to deepen, so find a specialization in Plastic hand surgery, for example.

What is studied in plastic surgery?

Some of the subjects covered in the plastic surgery specialization relate to the problems of the skin, where in addition to traumatology, facial fractures and jaw development, subjects such as reconstructive microsurgery can be found. Facial reconstruction, pediatric plastic surgery, the different types of burns and how to reconstruct these areas. The course also provides concepts on rejuvenation, nose and breast aesthetics, body contouring surgery, professional ethics and legal regulations for plastic surgery cases.

What tasks does a plastic surgeon perform?

The tasks performed by a plastic surgeon must correspond to the skills that must be demonstrated at the time of assistance during an operation and in the consultation before and after. You need to be aware of the need for the patient to perform the surgery and the risks that may be associated with it, and you need to develop a strategy for how to proceed for each case, as it is important that the doctor can ask the doctor patiently the side …

馃 [2021] Study plastic surgery