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馃 [2021] Study tourism | I don’t know what to study I

3 julio, 2021

If you enjoy traveling, traveling, learning about the history of cultures and monuments, and discovering new places, studying tourism is your preferred career.

Why study tourism?

The tourism career is suitable for those who have the opportunity to explain and tell in an interesting way the history of the spaces that make up a city. That they like to read about the anecdotes that have happened in the places and make them known. It is an attractive profession for those who are dynamic and creative. The tourism degree not only offers the opportunity to get to know tourist customs and activities, but also provides the elements to analyze the tourism market and plan tours. The student learns administrative concepts and research methodology to generate new attractive locations.

What is studied in tourism? What is the scope of tourism?

Tourism has an international reach as long as one can absorb the traditions and legends of different parts of the world. A Spaniard can be the Prague tourist guide, or a Colombian can know the streets and the most interesting places in Paris well and introduce him to a group of tourists who want to visit and learn about the history of this city. It is important to have human relationship management as well as strong leadership, as the leader must always attract the attention of his group and keep them interested in the story. You must have a knowledge of historical heritage and the ability to speak different languages.

Is Tourism a University Degree? How many years does it last?

The tourism career is taught in different places, some countries offer it as an interim degree, as a technician or the degree can be extended to the end. Basically, this difference in graduation is the difference in the number of years it takes to graduate, it can be anywhere from 3 to 4 years.

Choose tourism
Choose the Bachelor of Tourism

What is the tourism career all about?

The Bachelor of Tourism degree program reflects the diversity and dynamism of the tourism industry and conveys all aspects of management and economy as well as topics such as social integration, innovation and sustainability. This career is designed to prepare you for a management and responsibility position in the tourism industry. In it you will learn everything about tourism, the operation of tourism companies, the behavior of tourists and the effects of visitors in a country. You can do a thorough research into tourism …

馃 [2021] Study tourism | I don’t know what to study I