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馃 [2021] Super Mario 64: Bob-omb Battlefield Stars pixiegames

3 julio, 2021

Super mario 64 starts with a now truly iconic level: Bob-omb battlefield.

Bomb House sounds like a hard place for a nice and easy starter tutorial level, but it’s friendlier than it sounds. Like all levels in Mario 64, there are 7 stars to grab here: six mission stars and one to collect a bunch of coins. Most of these can be captured right away, but for one, you’ll need to reappear later once you have a certain power-up. Here’s how to get all the stars in world 1, Bob-omb Battlefield …

mario 64 bob omb battlefield stars Super Mario 64: Bob-omb Battlefield Stars

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 1: Big Bob-omb on top

Your first star is pretty and simple. Make your way through the level – the centerpiece is a large mountain with many obstacles along the way. Go up the mountain and find King Bob-omb at the top. The fight is simple: it will walk towards you and try to grab you. Get behind him and use the hit button to grab him. Drop it, but be careful not to throw it from the top of the mountain. Roll it three times to win and get the star.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 2: Koopa the Quick Foot Race

For Star 2, Koopa The Quick has appeared near the beginning. It is the great Koopa turtle. Talk to him and he will compete for a star; you’re running to the top of the top where king bob-omb was. It will have to arrive in about a minute and a half. You can easily get there in about a minute. You can use the warp hidden in the corner of the mountainside (just stand inside), but you can’t use the cannons, that counts as a trap.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 3: Shoot the island in the sky

Not all star descriptions in Super Mario 64 are as clear cut as this one. Talk to the cute pink Bob-ombs to open the cannons, then climb the bridge to the elevated area to the right of the Chain Chomp. Here’s a cannon. Go inside and aim at the floating island in the sky. There is a tree on the island; Aim over it so that Mario grabs the tree to prevent you from going over the island. On the island there is a yellow box; hit it for the star.

Alternatively, you can wait until you get the Wing Cap and get it by flying to the island.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 4: Find the eight red coins

Get used to this one; Each level in Mario 64 has the mission of grabbing 8 red coins. Once they have been captured, the star will appear in a clear location on the level. The coins are as follows:

  1. Above the mobile lifting platforms that rise to the level where the Chain Chomp is
  2. On top of a green rock to the right of Chain Chomp, below the floating island.
  3. At the top of the tree on the floating island.
  4. On top of the Chain Chomp stump
  5. Under the bridge that leads to the path up the mountain.
  6. On a steep slope on the side of the mountain, you will need to climb halfway and then slide down
  7. In the middle of four tree stumps near Goombas
  8. Also near the tree stumps.

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Bob-omb Battlefield Star 5: Mario Wings to the Sky

You will need the Wing Cap to get this star, which will be unlocked a bit later. You will know that it is time for the sun to shine in the castle hall, just look into the sunlight!

Once you have the Wing Cap, get on the floating island like in Star 3. But now, take the wing cap from the red box and then jump into the cannon. There are rings of coins; you want to go through each ring, picking up the coin in the middle. Don’t drive Mario once you shoot, the wind will do the job for you! Detecting passing through each ring is also quite forgiving.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 6: Behind Chain Chomp’s Gate

We’ve seen a lot of Chain Chomp at this level, but now is the time to interact with it. He is chained by a stump in the middle of his area. Butt Stomp this stump three times to release Chain Chomp; then breaks the bars behind him, allowing you to enter the Power Star.

Bob-omb Battlefield Star 7: Collect 100 coins

This star is hidden, but it is also quite easy: there are a lot of coins in this level. There are only 102 yellow coins, more yellow coins from the enemies, 8 red coins, and one blue coin. Collect 100 total in all coins to make this star appear. Remember that many of the yellow coins are in the air as part of ‘Mario Wings to the Sky’, and remember that wherever you get the 100th coin, even if it is in the air, is where that star appears.

Now that you’re done with the bombastic basics, you can move on to the next level: Whomp’s Fortress.

馃 [2021] Super Mario 64: Bob-omb Battlefield Stars pixiegames