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馃 [2021] Super Mario Odyssey Cloud Kingdom Bowser Fight

2 julio, 2021

Super mario odyssey once again features Bowser as the main enemy. The first time you really fight him is in Cloud kingdom. Follow our guide to defeat Bowser in Cloud Kingdom to continue the adventure of Super Mario Odyssey.

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Super Mario Odyssey Cloud Kingdom Power Moon locations

We are yet to see if there is more to see in Cloud Kingdom than just a Bowser fight, but we will update this page as we find out if there are energy moons to find. The numbers match the ones on your Power Moon roster in the game.

Bowser’s Fighting Guide from Cloud Kingdom

You come face to face with Bowser for the first time in Cloud Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. Beating it is not that difficult once you know what to do.

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First of all, you need to shoot Cappy at the white hat that Bowser throws at you. This will stun the hat and allow Mario to put it on. Once in the hat, Mario has his boxing skills. The goal is to get close to Bowser and hit him.

To get close to Bowser, you will have to avoid the rings of fire that he sends and dodge the rocks that he throws. Neither of these tasks is difficult. Once within attack range, you can let go and attack him. It will be knocked down against the surrounding barrier, but will regroup to start attacking again.

Stage 2 is pretty much the same as Stage 1, but with more hats thrown at Mario. Just choose the white hat and repeat the steps above.

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Stage 3 sees even more hats, and the crafty Bowser will attempt to perform a tail strike after you hit him. Take a step back or jump on this move, then hit him more to defeat him.

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馃 [2021] Super Mario Odyssey Cloud Kingdom Bowser Fight