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🥇 [2021] Temporary employment agencies, ETT I

2 julio, 2021

What is a temporary employment agency (ETT)?

Temporary employment agencies (ETTs) are recruitment consultants who specialize in temporary positions. They have a database with résumés from various professional profiles. The contracting organization contacts an ETT to hire an employee on a temporary basis and they are responsible for finding the most suitable candidate in their database.

ett temporary employment agencies, ETT

If the recruitment of personnel by a ETT (regulated by law) there is a threefold employment relationship:

  • Between the worker and the ETT. The worker is hired by the ETT.
  • Between ETT and the company. There is a business relationship that ETT recruits, trains and hires workers to perform the functions required by the company using the service.
  • There is a functional relationship between the company and the employee as the employee performs his or her functions for the company.

Features of the contract between the employee and the ETT

  • The ETT can hire the employee who posts other companies to provide their services for an indefinite period of time or for a certain period that coincides with the term of the provision contract.
  • The contract must be in writing and will be communicated to the labor market service within 10 working days.
  • During the provision of services in the user company, the employed employees are entitled to the same working conditions (remuneration, length of the working day, overtime, rest periods, night work, vacation and public holidays) as they would apply if they were employed directly by the user company to fill the same job in accordance with the applicable collective agreement.
  • The employee is entitled to the corresponding financial compensation for the termination of the provision contract.
  • The ETT must provide workers with adequate training on the characteristics of the work, including training on the prevention of work-related hazards in the workplace.
  • The ETT must provide all information received about the user company, about the activity, the tasks to be performed and the associated occupational risks.

Source: Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security.

You should know that…

  • There are several types of fixed-term contracts. Check with them before you start looking for a job.
  • In the case of temporary jobs, the salary is usually calculated according to the number of hours worked.
  • The termination of the contract requires a notice period of 1 day if the employee …

🥇 [2021] Temporary employment agencies, ETT I