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馃 [2021] The 10 most violent games on PS4 pixiegames

2 julio, 2021

Have you ever felt like violence and blood, especially in a video game?

The good news is that there are plenty of games to choose from, both horror and non-horror. Get ready for all the blood and body parts about to splatter on your screen. This article will cover the 10 most violent PS4 games.

Number 10: Far Cry Primal

Sly Gameplay- Far Cry Primal Funny Brutal Compilation Vol 1

Taking you back to the days when mammoths and saber teeth roamed the continents, Far Cry ushers in a new era of violence. Live like a caveman and rebuild your village by recruiting others. Fight against aggressive neighboring clans for your blood. Tame the beasts of the earth, look for weapons and other useful tools to protect your village. It is each man for himself outside the safety of his village. Make sure you are nobody’s next meal.

fcp The 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

Your wounded brother tells you his dying dying wish

far cry primal featured Top 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

Other clans do NOT take hostages well

Number 9: Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan game Captain Levi

To no one’s surprise, the Attack on Titan anime is already very violent and full of gore and blood. With the release of the game on the PS4, you can already look forward to the pleasure of slicing off a Titan’s limbs and watching the blood spray after slicing the back of its neck.

In this game, you play as one of the anime characters in humanity’s fight to protect yourself from the incoming savage titan seeking human blood. Upgrade your swords, equipment and buy faster horses to help you in the battle against these brutes. Don’t let the titans catch you before you can finish them off.

aoterentitan The 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

Titan Eren hitting sending his enemies flying after a hit

aotfingercut Top 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

Levi cutting off a titan’s fingers

Issue 8: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Brutal combat and stealth gameplay

This is Sparta!!! In this installment of Assassin’s Creed, you play in the world of Greece. Yes, you can even perform the Spartan kick and kick the top of your enemy’s buildings.

Like all previous games, there is a lot of combat and stealth, in addition to violence. Kill the enemy from above, poison them, burn them and use any cunning and stealth to kill them. Since this is clearly Sparta, expect a lot of blood.

assassins creed odyssey blood fever guide Top 10 most violent PS4 games

The player, Alexios, Spartan kicking an enemy

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Weapons Top 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

Equip yourself with legendary weapons

Number 7: Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 All Brutal Deaths Death Scenes

Return to the world of Resident Evil. Explore the horror and blood of this new story to find your missing wife, as the Baker family hunt you down in search of your blood. With every turn and detail, experience the most exhausting of horror games that gives you blood in many different ways. There is never enough blood in this horror game. Are you ready for the chase?

rebones The 10 most violent games on PS4

The remains of a corpse sitting in front of a table, along with accompanying critters

rechop The 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

An officer’s head is brutally smashed with a tool

Number 6: God of War

God of War PS4 Brutal Kills and finishing moves

Kratos continues his journey, this time with his son. Taking place in Norse mythology, experience new combats, traditions and battles to accompany them.

Of course, no God of War game would be a good game without violence and this game provides you with the new graphics. Slash your enemies with your Leviathan Ax and destroy them to increase your wrath of God. Experience a new journey, in a distant land.

gowelbowed Top 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

Kratos hitting an enemy with a blow to the face, spilling his fluids

gowwolf Top 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

Kratos about to thrust his fist into this monster’s face.

Number 5: Surpass the Trinity

Outlast Trinity 18 Minute Gameplay

Relive all three Outlast games in this bundle. Explore, escape and run for your life while others want to kill you. Experience horror and blood and fight to survive them all.

Play as an investigative journalist who decides to explore an inmate-run asylum in Outlast or explore the cult of Supai to reconnect with your wife and solve the investigation of a missing woman.

ol Top 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

A terribly injured man stumbling towards the player.

olhorror The 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

A pure-blood gore scene when a man guts his victim.

Number 4: Evil Within 2

Evil Within 2 Stealth Takedowns

Join Sebasti谩n Castellanos on his second adventure to find his daughter Lily, who is believed to have passed away. In a place where the inhabitants transform into bloodthirsty monsters. Form a group with MOBIUS agents to increase your chances of survival. Fight monsters until the end of the story to save Sebastian’s daughter and don’t let the evil within kill you.

ew2 2 The 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

A bloodbath of a deceased victim.

ew2 The 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

Defend yourself from horrible monsters that seek your blood

Number 3: Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Kill Montage

If your name is a post-apocalyptic setup, Fallout 4 is your game. Modify your character’s weapons to give you the best chance of survival. Explore open worlds and find many enemies blocking your way. Shoot the brains of monsters and enjoy the bloodshed as you do your best to survive in the cruel world.

fo4 The 10 most violent PS4 games

Give this super mutant a taste of his own medicine

fo42 The 10 most violent PS4 games

An explosion of blood when a victim is beheaded.

Number 2: For Honor

For Honor Brutal Fighting Kills Epic Montage

Samurai? Viking? Knight? What class will rule the battle? Choose your favorite warrior and fight against others in a showdown of the ages. Define why you are the best warrior and show your skills online. Spill the opponent’s blood on the battlefield in many ways until you are the victor. Prove that you are the ultimate warrior.

fhheart Top 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

Knight against knight, one receives a brutal stab to the torso

fhthroat Top 10 Most Violent PS4 Games

Samurai face in honor, one receives the fatal blow

Number 1: Mortal Kombat XL

A brutal death by being cut in half

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馃 [2021] The 10 most violent games on PS4 pixiegames