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🥇 [2021] [Top 10] Sims 4 best worlds that are awesome pixiegames

1 julio, 2021

10. Oasis Springs

Check out this link for an overview of this world!

You may think that this is just another boring world that “just comes with the game,” however there are many interesting activities and special secrets to be found in this desert-based world unlike some of the others.

What Makes Oasis Springs Fun!

  • The best thing about this world is that it is included in the original game. This shows that the creators wanted fans to have something interesting to do without spending extra money on game packs.
  • You can visit Desert Bloom Park, which is the main attraction in this world, to find the rare cow plant! (Yes ESE) Very easy to find after fishing in the lake towards the back of the park. (Much easier than building a rocket and going to space to find it)
  • For those skilled Sims, they can also find an abandoned mine shaft that can only be opened when it reaches level 10 manageability. Once accomplished, you can break those wooden planks and travel to the Forgotten Grotto.

9. Windenburg

Check out this link for an overview of this world!

If you are a fan of castle ruins surrounded by artificial walls, this is the world for you. From the steam of Lake Windenburg to the haunted grounds of the Von Haunt Estate, this world has everything to offer old-age goth city lovers.

What Makes Windenburg Fun!

  • The Bluffs offers an exclusive island parcel to make the home of your dreams and while living the exclusive life, you can see the mythical sea monster.
  • The Ancient Ruins offers a small plot, on which you can build the rustic house to match the ruins that surround the landscape.
  • Windenburg’s main attraction is the Von Haunt Estate. You can make your way through the prized mansion to the elaborate garden and even what seems like an impossible maze. As you do so, you should take a look at the original owners who lurk on the ground and wreak havoc.

8. San Myshuno

Check out this video to get an overview of this world!

The diversity of this world has made me fly out of the water. You have the option of traveling to five different cities around the world. There are always festivals to keep your Sim entertained, the nightlife is constantly alive, and for the garden and tourists, Myshuno Meadows offers all of that and much more.

What makes San Myshuno fun!

  • The fashion district is one of the most interesting neighborhoods in this world. Provides a place for artist simulators to show their true colors.
  • There is a Romance Festival and a Geekcon that you can take part in, or if you’re just there to watch, you can grab something from one of the vendors and explore.

7. Brindleton Bay

Check out this video to get an overview of this world!

Who doesn’t love animals? More specifically cats … or dogs! Brindleton Bay comes with the Cats & Dogs package, which means you can have a fluffy friend and explore the neighborhoods with him.

What Makes Brindleton Bay Fun!

  • “A favorite gathering place for the feline citizens of the bay”
  • What not to love about having adorable cats around every corner and all batches are cat puns! (This one may be skewed because I love little furry nightmares)

6. Britechester

Watch this video for an overview of this world.

This world incorporates the whole feeling of “college” without having to fully commit to all the debt that the actual college entails. Britechester is home to two England-themed colleges that allow you to develop your Sims skills to a degree of your choosing.

What Makes Britechester Fun!

  • You can obtain the following degrees: History of Art, Communications, Culinary Arts, Theater, Fine Arts, History and Language and Literature.
  • Along with the typical college experience, you also have the option of living in one of the dormitories!

5. Sulani

Check out this video to get an overview of this world!

Sulani comes with the Island Living package. This delightful world of life comes with three neighborhoods (or should I say islands) to set up your dream vacation home and live a laid-back life. Home to an active volcano and white sand beaches, your Sim will enjoy getting too close to the hot lava and cooling off in the calm waters.

What Makes Sulani Fun!

  • You can dive in the ocean and even make a dolphin friend!
  • When the active volcano erupts, there are lava rocks falling from the sky. You can even witness another Sim (or yourself) being ripped apart!
  • There are even lush jungles that you can explore and find some rare items while at it.

4. Selvadorada

Check out this video to get an overview of this world!

This jungle-filled world is made for the adventurous type of gamers. Selvadorada is an ancient omisque civilization that is littered with the ruins of the sims that lived there before. If your sims aren’t the type to explore ruined jungles, there is also a market full of history that allows you to find little bits of history.

What Makes Selvadorada Fun!

  • Various landmarks of the omisca civilization to explore and find
  • The jungle area offers many sightings of those landmarks.
  • A market full of everything you might need while exploring the ruins.

3. Granite Falls

Check out this video to get an overview of this world!

This forest pack allows you to take your sim and his family to explore the forest with the whole camping experience. Bring your Sims a real experience, from cooking around a campfire to buying essentials at the Ranger Station.

What Makes Granite Falls Fun!

  • Camping! You can choose to sneak out and find a place to camp or you can rent a pre-built cabin
  • Trekking! Sims can go on a hike when asked to explore the forest.
  • Bears! Wildlife can make Sims tense when they notice, but it gives them the full camping experience

2. Batuu

Check out this video to get an overview of this world!

This land familiar to all Star Wars fans is a desert planet in a distant galaxy with three suns and two moons … Sound familiar? Either way, this land offers an immersive experience in the Galaxy.

What makes Batuu fun!

  • The Only … Millennium Falcon: You can explore the interior to increase your reputation as a scoundrel.
  • You can see where the action happens at The Resistance Camp and explore the out-of-this-world cave.

1. Glimmerbrook

Check out this video to get an overview of this world!

This secluded, magical wooded area comes with the Realm of Magic bundle. It is a world full of adventures that allows you to dabble in magic. Whether you choose to use that for better or worse, it will make your experience with the sims worthwhile.

What Makes Glimmerbrook Fun!

  • Glimmerbrook Waterfall offers great sightseeing and some other otherworldly views.
  • You can find the Magic Portal at the top of the waterfall and travel to the Magic Kingdom!
  • Visit Caster Alley to shop for all the magical necessities you may need on your Magic Realm adventure.

🥇 [2021] [Top 10] Sims 4 best worlds that are awesome pixiegames