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🥇 [2021] [Top 10] Sims 4 Horror Mods pixiegames

4 julio, 2021

We all know that the Sims is a funny and silly life simulation game. Take your sims to work, try not to set the house on fire while cooking, have some kids or a pet, and maybe use the ‘Motherlode’ cheat just a couple of times. But of course we’ve all taken the game to more… extreme levels, like in previous installments when we took the ladder out of the pool and let the sims drown. The Sims 4 makes it a bit more difficult to do things like that and more devious actions in general. So with Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to turn the once familiar world of The Sims 4 into your own personal purgatory! Here’s my take on the 10 best horror mods for The Sims 4.

10) Prince of Darkness Mod

If you’re looking for an easy way to kill other sims and a bit of a laugh aside, this is the perfect mod for you! The Prince of Darkness appears and has up to 4 different things he can do, including handing over his powers. Now you can take full advantage of evil and cause chaos to reign in your game.

  • Transform other sims into your own evil minions to do your bidding.
  • Electrocute sims at will.
  • On a more cheerful note, your Sim can do “Evil Fart” which makes others die laughing.

Get the mod here!

https: //…

9) Open skull CC

This piece of custom content is perfect for wacky stories and will fit in well with a few other mods on this list! It is quite simple, in the category “Hat” there will be 2 options: one with a brain coming out of the head and another with a severed head without a brain. It’s these subtle details that will make your game feel more alive within the reign of terror you create.

  • The detail is really cool, especially on the brainless head option.
  • Little details like this will make serial killer-based stories, zombie stories, or any horror-based game more immersive.
  • This content creator will appear on this list many times, and all of his work is VERY high quality.

You can download here!

http: //…

8) Necrophilia mod

Yes, you read that right. I think of all the modifications on the list, this is the one that surprised me the most. In this mod you can live out your dreams (or nightmares) of murdering a Sim and then forming a romantic relationship with the corpse of said Sim. Really brutal and probably a little stinky.

  • The corpse of the deceased simulator actually has to sit for a while before you can make him fall in love, he will lie down and get sick, his skin will look cracked. Once you receive the undead trait, you can go to town. I have to support the bit of realism they bring.
  • Once your Sim has the “undead” trait, they will never die or age again. They basically turn into zombies.
  • And no, you can’t Try For Baby with the undead, thank goodness.

You can get the mod here!

https: // -…

7) Cooking a mod for toddlers

Sometimes being a parent is hard – if you have too many mouths to feed and don’t have enough money to feed, can I recommend The Cookable Toddler mod? Much like the Grilling Baby mod from The Sims 2, you can now cook your little one like a turkey in The Sims 4.

  • The little boy looks like a turkey dinner when it goes into the oven and when it is on a plate.
  • Surprisingly, they won’t call the social worker when you cook your baby.
  • A horrible parenting game is so much fun to experiment with, and this mod fits those stories perfectly!

Get the mod here!

http: //…

6) The Cannibal Mod

If cooking toddlers wasn’t enough to satisfy your cravings, you’re in luck! The Cannibal mod adds a lot more depth to the evil gameplay. Add a lot of new elements, quite fun animations and cannibals become their own state of life with this mod. Live out your sickest fantasies and be sure to work up your appetite.

  • You can operate a morgue or funeral home, to make it easier to store your “meat”
  • You can collect corpses, spit roast sims, or just kill people!
  • You can also perform autopsies in your morgue before eating.

Download the mod here!

5) Possessed Boy Mod

Bring your graveyard to life! Once you place the tombstone of the possessed child and chant his name, all hell will break loose. This kid is vindictive and won’t stop until everyone in his path is dead. This mod also offers many different options on how to control the possessed child, how the child kills others, and how to banish him.

  • You can chant his name to summon him or acquire his curse to become him.
  • He has 4 different ways that he can kill people including neck stab, head stab, soul steal, and lightning strike.
  • You can even protect yourself from him and watch him kill others while staying safe!

Download the mod here!

4) Mod for deadly toddlers

Kids and toddlers certainly get a ton of chills, and this mod takes it to a whole new level. Now your little one can become a serial killer, with lots of interactions and autonomous killings!

  • You can stab guts, necks, and breasts.
  • You can send others to a burning grave by setting others on fire
  • Disable / enable reactions and autonomy

Download the mod here!

3) Life Tragedies Mod

If you like mods that will add a bit more history to your game, this is the one for you. Life Tragedies is a lot to unpack, as it is filled with everyday tragedies that plague our own lives, such as fatal illness, murder, stalking, and more. Your sims now live with an element of danger that is not present in the vanilla game, making their lives feel more valuable now with the feeling of danger lurking around the corner.

This mod adds 5 NPC serial killers who have a chance to appear in your city. Each has its own backstory that can be discovered over time. Stay on their good side and feel safe, get on their bad side and a bumpy ride awaits you.

Your sim has the ability to be kidnapped and held for ransom, do whatever they ask of you and your sim could be returned safely.

Deadly diseases can show up on your sim, take them to the hospital for surgery, and they have a 20% chance of survival.

Armed robbers can break into your home and potentially shoot you or your family. (Including your kids!)

Get the mod here

2) Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Want to add a new challenge to The Sims? Now you can turn your favorite life simulator into a survival horror game! Fight zombies, buy weapons and survival equipment and try to find the healing serum to save your neighbors and friends who have succumbed to the horrors brought by the apocalypse.

  • Resident Evil fans rejoice! You can call on Jill Valentine to help you take down the zombies when the going gets too tough. But watch out for the player, calling Jill could make Nemesis appear.
  • You have the ability to play as Nemesis and terrorize the city!
  • You can choose from a couple of different weapons and buy different survival supplies that also help increase the immersion!
  • With the latest update: children can now turn into zombies.

Download the mod here!

1) Extreme violence mod

What is probably one of the best known mods from The Sims 4, Extreme Violence is a classic that has only gotten better with updates. Your Sims now have the ability to kill and attack others, defend against other Sims, and more! Arm yourself with a chainsaw, knife, gun, or even your bare fists. This mod packs a punch literally and physically. There are so many options and a lot to explore in this mod.

  • You have the ability to join gangs or become a serial killer. Both in which you will have to be careful with the police.
  • A new aspiration is added to the game called “Psychopathic Tendencies” in which you can achieve your Sim’s goal of being the worst Sim ever.
  • You can smash someone’s head with your butt to kill them. And in many other ways too

Download the mod below!

🥇 [2021] [Top 10] Sims 4 Horror Mods pixiegames