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馃 [2021] Welders who specialize in joining parts I

1 julio, 2021

Welders are basically active in Use intense heat to connect parts intensely to get a resulting body that is homogeneous and rigid. This work is called welding and is usually done between metals, although thermoplastic materials are also used.

The main welding methods are: Use of electric arc, electrodes protected with inert gas, flux core, ionized inert gas bubbles or gas flap, so-called acetylene or oxyhydrogen gas.

Other techniques that are also used are electrical resistance welding, the electric beam, induction, laser beam and aluminothermic. The Welding job is complexas they have to select and install Hand welders and materials according to specific Job description sometimes quite complex. A second phase of the work consists of Examine and prepare surfaces that must be united, which on certain occasions implies that the Adjustment of valves or very sensitive electrical parts.

Specific training

While there is no compulsory degree required to develop the welding profession, there are a number of Vocational training training cycles or Vocational training Here you can acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to start your career in the welding industry:

Intermediate training cycle in welding and boiler construction

These are studies that allow us to carry out works related to metal structures, fixed and mobile, with the necessary safety conditions and always within the framework of the current safety regulations.

The access routes are the ESO, the access tests to training cycles for people over 17 years of age, the CFGM access course for people over 17 years of age, or the possession of another intermediate level training cycle.

The curriculum for this training cycle is 2,000 hours plus 400 hours of training in work centers.

If you are from Mexico, please refer to this post for more detailed information.

Vocational training

Another way to learn the craft is by taking a course in Vocational training professional. These courses are aimed at both active people who want to improve their employment situation and the unemployed. These are training programs that combine theory with practiceThe purpose is to improve the insertion capacity through specialization or improvement specific professional skills.

The range of vocational training courses is very broad, with the following modules being the most convenient for learning to be a welder:

  • Electric …

馃 [2021] Welders who specialize in joining parts I