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🥇 [2021] What career opportunities do you have when you study mathematics? I

1 julio, 2021

Data scientist, accountant, and programmer are some of the jobs you can work in once you have completed your math career at 91.8% utilization.

Did you know that Mathematics Day was celebrated on May 11th? If you are considering studying Degree in mathematics, you should know that The employment opportunities for graduates in this career are increasing. And it is the case that this area of ​​knowledge is present in technological, economic-financial progress, in the energy industry and in everyday life in general.

The Royal Spanish Mathematical Society advises that the transversality of mathematics Math, coupled with the boom that technology, artificial intelligence and data analysis are experiencing in all areas of the economy, this means Graduates in this area have greater career opportunities in areas of the economy that they have not previously considered. Marketing companies as well as logistics and transport companies today need experts in data analysis and, for example Big data, like mathematicians, to make strategic decisions.

“Mathematics is fundamental to modern digital services, communications and the Internet, but also in more traditional sectors such as banking, insurance, electricity and gas, among others, where their use is rapidly developing.” […] The industries with the greatest influence of mathematics are computers, financial activities, telecommunications services, and the electricity and gas sectors ”, refers to the study Socio-economic impact of mathematical research and technology in Spain (2019), prepared by Consultants of Public Administrations and the Strategic Network in Mathematics.

Another fact to highlight from the above study is that Mathematics is directly responsible for more than a million jobs in Spain (6% of the total) and that closely related professions such as mathematicians will grow the most in the years to come.

“Mathematics is present in various productive activities that affect all sectors, because it intervenes in the different phases of the production process: design, modeling, simulation and prototyping of products up to the optimization of production and organizational processes and data analysis [..] That is why they have a high presence in technology and business, ”the study continues.

The diverse …

🥇 [2021] What career opportunities do you have when you study mathematics? I