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馃 [2021] What is an MBA?

2 julio, 2021

What is an MBA?

The abbreviation MBA refers to Master in Business Administration, in Spanish Master in Business Administration, a degree of postgraduate specialized in business administration and administration, which imparts the knowledge necessary to run a company.


The MBA it can be taken anywhere in the world and is part of the training courses offered by universities and business schools.

They consist of a at least 30 credits (Each credit is 10 hours of lecture, theory, or practice) but they typically have 50 to 100 credits, which equates to 500 to 1000 hours duration.

There are different types of MBAs, but most have a range of common themes relating to accounting, organization, business strategy, statistical methodology, economics, finance and marketing. And they usually use different teaching methods: continuous evaluation, case method, role playing game, etc.

Goals of an MBA

An MBA aims to provide the tools necessary to enable you to complete the Leadership and management of a company from a global perspective. They know all areas that are necessary for the effective operation of a company and the functions to be fulfilled in them.

The Competencies Basics that an MBA should support you in your development are: leadership skills, planning and management skills, team motivation, oral and written communication, strategic vision and adaptability to change.

Types of MBA

  • Full-time MBA: it requires full-time commitment, it is usually done personally and for a year.
  • Part-time MBA: Part-time modality that allows you to combine work or other studies. It usually takes two years.
  • Online MBA: It is taught on the internet and is usually taught by business schools.
  • International MBA: consists in completing the master鈥檚 training program (subjects or practice) in different countries. The admission requirements are usually more demanding. For example, confirm an advanced language level, especially in English.
  • Executive MBA: Program for managers who want to expand their knowledge or take on positions of responsibility. They are carried out part-time and require at least 2 to 5 years of leadership experience.
  • MBA specialist: Modality that focuses on a specific area of 鈥嬧媏xpertise: marketing, human resources, finance, etc.

Who is an MBA for?

An MBA is aimed at graduates Students and professionals of each sector or branch of knowledge. There is no specific entry profile, but people with different …

馃 [2021] What is an MBA?