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馃 [2021] What is right

2 julio, 2021

Over the years, the cities grew into societies like the Roman Empire, which embraced the need to develop its operating rules.

Law degree from the University of Cartagena (Colombia). Specialist lawyer for administrative law …

The law dates back to the Middle Ages when certain societies began to form in a precise manner and implied the development of new disciplines such as the regulation of trade and various legal acts among the citizens that made them up.

But everything comes out in a certain way if you ask what law is? The idea seems that in its beginnings the laws were created between people who had no idea about laws but had to regulate the behavior of the population. At present it is understandable that in different countries laws are not always drawn up by those who have studied a relevant profession. The governors often have advisers to help them create new norms of coexistence. If we look back over the years, we can see that in ancient times the laws were made by those who demonstrated more power in front of the others or who were stronger in conflicts and won the struggles between social groups. There have been leaders throughout history and it was a habit to follow them, which is why what these people said was always what was done, and that way there was someone who resolved conflict in his own way.

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As with any professional training, at the beginning of our studies we need to reach the source of what we have decided that will be part of our lives and what we are likely to want to work for the rest of our lives. This is how the legal career enters the time of Rome and its methods of creating the civil codes with which it was ruled for a long time.

The different universities or institutions that offer a law degree usually share the same axis in what is called a curriculum, as all professionals must have the same key concepts in order to enter the market with the skills necessary to achieve the profession, that you want to be.

Upon entering the legal career, the subjects introduce the student to a world of diverse disciplines, mainly morality. Sociology is another topic that will be observed throughout the course and is of importance when it comes to knowing how a society works, how it is organized, and how it has evolved over the course of history.

Upon graduation, lawyers not only learn laws, but must also be able to …

馃 [2021] What is right