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馃 [2021] Which Abitur to choose? Which is the best option? I

1 julio, 2021

After completing compulsory secondary education (ESO), you can continue your studies with the aim of training that will equip you for your professional future. One of the approved studies that you can choose from is the Baccalaureate.

The Abitur is part of post-compulsory secondary education, it is voluntary and is structured in different modalities Offer special education to students.

Choose high school diploma

Most individuals who choose to graduate from high school do so with the intention of continuing their studies towards the higher educational cycles or university. In either case, the bachelor’s modality is important to proceed with advanced studies.

The decision about What kind of high school diploma to choose It can be very easy or very difficult depending on whether you have more or less precise knowledge of what degree you want to do next.

If you have any doubts about which modality to choose, you can take an orientation test. Your results are not final and should be discussed with a consultant, but they can be a good starting point to begin the process Self-knowledge.

What types of high school diplomas are there?

There are currently three modalities of the Abitur:

  • Sciences. This modality is aimed at students who want to continue their studies in the fields of natural sciences, health sciences or engineering. Subjects such as biology, technical drawing, physics, geology and chemistry are included. It would be the path to choose if you are aiming for a degree in biology, chemistry, medicine, nursing, industrial engineering or telematics engineering.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences. This modality is aimed at students who want to study humanities or social science courses. It is divided into two routes. The humanities include on the one hand subjects such as Latin or Greek and on the other hand the social sciences subjects such as social science mathematics or economics. The humanities degree is geared towards a university degree in philology or literary studies, while the social sciences branch is geared towards courses such as journalism, law or business administration.

  • Art. The artistic branch is aimed at those who intend to study related to the arts, such as B. a degree in design or fine arts. It includes subjects such as the basics of art, audiovisual culture, and artistic drawing.

What criteria must be used when choosing …

馃 [2021] Which Abitur to choose? Which is the best option? I