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馃 [2021] Which profession is better, auditor or me

1 julio, 2021

A chartered accountant and business economist is a commercial professional, but there are differences between the two professions. Which one is best for me

What is an accountant?

An accountant is a person who performs accounting duties for individuals or companies. The exact material an accountant handles depends on the size of the company and the accountant’s expertise, but usually includes financial records, taxes, and financial reporting responsibilities. An accountant is one of the leading figures in a company he or she works for, be it a multinational or a small family business. Requirements to become an accountant vary by subject and country, but typically include a college degree in accounting and finance.

Why study for an auditor?
Why study for an auditor?

What is a business economist?

There are business graduates in a variety of industries, and they often have a business education or training that helps them do their jobs more effectively. You can be highly specialized and run a department of a company, or you can work as a manager or small business owner doing almost anything to meet all aspects of the business and all of its needs. Sometimes the manager is defined as the person who needs to make the job easier without doing the required work. This is not intended to be a negative statement, it simply means that the manager is responsible for keeping the staff at an optimal level and that the manager is effectively monitoring and delegating the projects or plans.

What does an accountant work on?

  • Accountants provide accounting and tax services to other businesses and the general public on a fee basis. The services they offer include:
  • Management advice (including advice on accounting systems).
  • Tax preparation and representation.
  • Some auditors specialize in preparing tax returns.
  • Some accountants evaluate computer systems and others specialize in security checks.
Why study business administration
Why study business administration

What does a business economist work on?

  • At work, business leaders can:
  • Define and apply departmental or organizational goals.
  • Monitor the company’s funding and budget.
  • Direct general activities related to production and services.
  • Innovation through the application of new technologies in the workplace.
  • Negotiate and approve both contracts and …

馃 [2021] Which profession is better, auditor or me