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馃 [2021] Which profession study?

2 julio, 2021

It is not easy to decide which profession to study or which profession to develop

At NoSeQueEstudiar, we share some simple points and recommendations that can help on the path of learning and discovery. As a starting point, we invite you to try our orientation test.

Discover careers

Perhaps you already knew as a child that you wanted to become a doctor or a visual artist and you know exactly what you need to learn in order to achieve your own goals or to develop professionally. But it’s not that easy for everyone. The global education offering offers endless opportunities to develop skills.

Many ask “Will i go to study?“”What will i learn鈥淎nd the answer depends on many factors and personal interests, such as the moment in life you are in, your possibilities, your environment, your family, etc.

Don’t force yourself to choose what your parents do

Although professional development today is very different from our parents’ experience, you lay the foundation for continued success no matter which path your career takes.

Nowadays, career paths are rarely linear. Young people change jobs several times in the first decade after graduation, and companies as employers already expect their employees to stay for less than two years.

A person can take a course from Science to Finance to Technology and increase their learning ability at every step, for example they can start their career as a data scientist for a pharmaceutical company and after a seasonal job decide to prepare for a career change, like that if he participates in various leadership programs to achieve the expected role, later that person may have an interest in starting their own business and leaving the business world for that of an entrepreneur.

What would you like to do?

This always has to be the single most important factor to consider when deciding what to study or what to learn. What do you consider important in your job? Are you looking for something very theoretical, more practical, have time for a five-year apprenticeship or are you looking for something short that quickly prepares you for a job in a certain area?

What are your favorite subjects at school and which subjects are you good at?

Of course you can fall in love with math, but if you’re struggling to get good grades in this subject, a career devoted to math may not be a realistic option.

I want a …

馃 [2021] Which profession study?