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馃 [2021] Why study abroad? I

1 julio, 2021

There are many reasons to make the decision study abroad, both on a personal and academic and professional level, probably as many as people who choose to do it. Next, we introduce those that we think are most representative and that you should consider.

1. Go on an adventure. They say that life begins where our comfort zone ends. The unknown stimulates the brain, broadens your horizons and offers you new resources to face reality.

2. Learn to be self-sufficient. Registering with the population census, opening a checking account, or signing a lease are some of the steps you need to take as a foreign student. The scope of family protection is limited and it is your responsibility to comply with the obligations you have assumed and to understand the rules to which you are or are subject.

3. Learn another language. Communication in another language in everyday life or learning in another language are experiences that catalyze learning. In addition to the acquisition of a best accent and greater fluency, learn a language on site It’s the best way to feel like your own.

4. Get to know another culture. Crossing the old Berlin Wall by bike, toasting the Day of the Dead in Mexico with mezcal or celebrating the New Year in China are unique and unforgettable opportunities. expanding horizon. But knowing another culture also means understand and respect their rulesNot recycling in Germany or cheating on an inspection in the USA has far more serious consequences than in Spain.

5. Highlight your resume. An architect studying for a semester in Chicago, an economist on a summer internship in London or a hotelier trained in Switzerland are distinguished in a selection process by studying in the cradle of their field. But also those who learn Swedish during their Erasmus in Link枚ping and who organize events during their Masters in Los Angeles stand out because they show their willingness to do so integrate into foreign cultures and publish your own.

6. Acquire new skills and develop competencies. Individuals who have studied abroad develop the skills and competencies necessary to successful in the job market 21st century: Flexibility, adaptability and from Uncertainty management.

7. Build up an international network of contacts. From professionally relevant contacts to strong and lasting friendships, the bonds that arise abroad cross all possible borders. In addition, the technology makes it a lot …

馃 [2021] Why study abroad? I