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馃 [2021] Why study accounting?

2 julio, 2021

Why study auditors?

The current CPA is a key member of the management team for all public, private, and government organizations. Accounting is the language of business.

Group of professionals
Group of accountants in training

As an accounting graduate, you can get into accounting, the private public industry, or pursue a career in government or nonprofits. Some of the most interesting options are through forensic bookkeeping and fraudulent financial activity study, which allows you to review the file and produce evidence of criminal prosecution. There are job offers at the FBI and other institutions. Other accounting careers for you are internal auditing, tax preparation and planning or management accounting.

The valuation of companies, including mergers and acquisitions – the evaluation of candidates for company acquisitions – is increasing in this area. Another area of 鈥嬧媑rowth that you can take on as an accounting graduate is evaluating corporate control systems and helping companies improve their risk management.

Here are some of the reasons students choose careers in accounting and finance:

Accounts and numbers
Accounts and numbers

Stimulating: The world of finance and investment banking attracts many of the best graduates.

Reward: Accounting and finance jobs are associated with very high salaries. A recent study by the US National Institute identified bookkeeping as the most lucrative of all undergraduate programs in terms of the opportunity to earn a lifetime income for graduates.

Diversity: International auditing firms offer a wide range of career opportunities for all interests, including traditional auditing and job security, management consulting, corporate finance, tax planning, human resources and insolvency.

Guide: Many auditors switch to managerial positions in large companies after completing their professional qualifications.

What kind of people could this career be interesting for?

If you have knowledge of math, accounting, statistics, administration, general culture and computer science. You have skills to recognize and solve problems, deal with numerical data, analyze, synthesize and comment on a topic, work in a team and adapt to different environments. If you are an honest, dedicated, confident, tolerant, proactive person who has a spirit of service, respects laws and regulations, is responsible for your own actions, and is a …

馃 [2021] Why study accounting?