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馃 [2021] Why Study Advertising and Relationships I

2 julio, 2021

If you enjoy interacting with people, are innovative and very creative, if you enjoy watching commercials, then advertising and public relations is your profession.

Tell us about your career. I have a degree in public relations from UADE and throughout my …

Why study advertising and public relations?

There are people who use their imaginations in different areas of their lives, but when they get to the point where they decide on a career to pursue in college, they block that facet of their personality into a boring profession seize that tarnishes their future. Studied advertising and public relations It gives the student the opportunity to give shape to the creativity that goes through his head. These type of careers are considered to be art, as a large part of the existing skills must be used in order to put all of the knowledge into practice and achieve the proposed goals.

What is studied in advertising and public relations? How many years does it last?

Usually the subjects start from art history, digital drawing tools, communication to literature, psychology in connection with advertising. The aim of combining these topics is to provide the students with the necessary tools so that they can master the concepts of persuasion and persuasiveness in their target group and thus work successfully. The length of this career depends a lot on the country that offers it, as many universities have two different careers in which different subjects are studied, usually 3 or 4 years of study.
In the countries in which the career paths are dictated separately, for which both the Bachelor of Advertising and Bachelor of Public Relations degrees are awarded, the subjects are continued, differentiated according to the chosen industry and the desired subject area. In this sense, advertising tends to the side of imagination and creativity, to the development of brand campaigns or advertising for the public good, those with the design, the assembly of a production, the staging of a strategy for the start or relaunch of a brand. On the other hand, the Bachelor of Public Relations career trains the specialist to be responsible for the institutional communication of a company or a politician, for example. Both careers involve observing what you will be working on in its context. It’s important to know the background of every brand, campaign that …

馃 [2021] Why Study Advertising and Relationships I