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🥇 [2021] Why study advertising?

2 julio, 2021

By doing Advertising career Creativity is the main protagonist. It is ideal for people who keep coming up with new ideas, for born artists and for everyone who thinks they can do a little more for the society in which they live through the canvas, graphics or radio.

At what point in your life did you know you wanted to get into advertising and for what reason? Completed education …

Studying advertising is an unforgettable experience

The career coordinator of a prestigious national university points out that many people come to enroll, but not all continue after the first year. “There is a lot of desertion because people don’t understand what a publicist is doing. Working as a publicist means knowing the market, understanding consumers and having a great connection with the media. But in between there is a whole process that involves Campaign creationfor whom some are born and molded and others only pretend to be molded. The latter have to enter with more patience and wait for long-term results, otherwise they are very easily frustrated. In this job, we work from day one as if you had already done it in an advertising agency, so that the students know in which area they will work in the future and can decide, ”he says.

“The advertising career is very stimulating, there is no way to get bored in it. Everyone who is interested in art and for the communication I should choose it, it is the most complete of the disciplines and the most fun, ”suggests a student who is ready to graduate.

It seems that creativity is everything, but there are several factors involved in a university career. You need to learn how to use the exact ad creation tools, learn media, and know in depth psychological and emotional factors of the different target groups that you can target with a campaign. It is a career that enables students to grow and apply all of their knowledge when they find a wide panorama of opportunities that they can take advantage of for themselves.

Career for creative people
Promote students for careers for creatives

Why study advertising?

Creative people most often choose this profession because it allows them to develop this skill further.
The students of this career must have a great attraction to communication because, in addition to creating, they must convey the message that the customer …

🥇 [2021] Why study advertising?