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馃 [2021] Why study astronomy?

2 julio, 2021

The study of astronomy relates to the search and understanding of the cosmos, stars and galaxies. Research through tools such as telescopes equipped with cameras to gather information and discover those as yet unsolved mysteries of the universe.The astronomer observes, analyzes the data and interprets the surroundings of the sky, star systems and planets, among other things.

There are two types of astronomers: theoretical and observational. Theorists devote themselves to understanding the evolution of the universe, collecting data and comparing it with other observations or simulations. Observations focus on discovering new theories and finding a way to test the work of theoretical astronomers.

The astronomer plans his observations, analyzes the information and develops new theories. He has a great ability to abstract from reality, bases his foundations on logical thinking, understands spatial, physical and mechanical concepts. Due to his inductive and deductive ability, he shows a good synthesis to convey his ideas.

Astronomy - full moon
Astronomy – full moon

The astronomy career relates to the processes of understanding what space is, what practical applications accompany the study of the universe, how navigating seas and air is directed, how calendars are set up, and how time is precisely measured .


How do I know if the race is for me?

Graduates of the degree show a particular preference for observing routine situations in which physical phenomena manifest themselves. They are curious about physics and nature, the analysis of the cosmos and the questions surrounding it, and work methodically and patiently. He feels comfortable with individual or team work in sectors of great calm and order.

In which industries does an astronomer work?

Astronomers develop their work in teaching and research-related areas at universities, carry out analyzes in national or international observatories, work in air traffic control facilities or marine and planetary organizations. They mostly work in remote areas of the city.

Advantages and disadvantages of being an astronomer

The advantages of studying astronomy are:

  • Discover a lot beyond the world we are in.
  • Constantly acquire new knowledge.
  • Connect with people who share the same existential questions about the cosmos and the universe.
  • Communicate your passion for a career in teaching.
  • Opening up to professional fields related to meteorology, geology and …

馃 [2021] Why study astronomy?