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馃 [2021] Why study economics?

3 julio, 2021

The economic career is a very broad career that not only trains students to explore economic opportunities, but also provides a comprehensive education with a broad social perspective on production and exchange relationships, social inequality, and reasoning. .

Do you want to become an economist?

Graduates of economics have a variety of opportunities to specialize independently or in postgraduate courses in their respective areas of interest.

鈥淟ike most, economics is a profession that requires a lot of commitment. The student has to learn a lot of math and economic models, which are much more complex than the current ones. Learning subjects related to obsolete models can be a chore for students, although there are subjects in all courses that those who choose them don’t like, 鈥漵ays a Bachelor of Economics graduate.

The graduate of economics has the opportunity to work in different areas, choose private companies, enter the state sphere or practice independently as a private consultant for both spectrums. They will also be able to approach the political environment and apply their knowledge from a strategic position that enables them to benefit society through actions based on specific studies of the regional economy.

Why study economics?

  • Because you are enthusiastic about numbers, mathematics and how macro and microeconomic systems work.
  • Because you are always interested in global economic phenomena and in your region.
  • Because you are constantly analyzing the economic processes that you are observing through the news.
  • Because you feel able to properly run the economy of a public or state company, and even a country.
  • Because you think that the economy is the engine of everything that happens in the world, even surpassing politics.
  • Because you like to study the economic processes through which organizations or regions reach a particular situation.

Where can you study economics in Argentina?

Universidad Argentina De La Empresa, Universidad Cat贸lica de Cuyo, University of Buenos Aires, University of Business and Social Sciences, National University of C贸rdoba, National University of General San Mart铆n, National University of General Sarmiento, National University of Jujuy, National University of Lan煤s , National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco, National University of La Plata, National University of La Rioja, National University of Comahue, National University of Litoral, National …

馃 [2021] Why study economics?