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馃 [2021] Why study financial management? I

1 julio, 2021

The financial management career trains professionals who are able to control funds of individuals, companies or the state in public institutions. Tasks are carried out through finance and accounting systems and he makes decisions when a project needs to be invested or funded.

The financial manager designs and carries out the processes of raising funds, analyzing whether it is possible or not, or whether a project is profitable by drawing up budgets, the maximum investment power, the capital necessary for the functioning of a company, how the distribution is profitable the revenue and how to manage your debt. It also uses technology to help design better financial plans. When it comes to a public service job, your decisions have wide social reach.

Financial management
Financial management

A finance manager’s calling is to create new ways to organize wealth and achieve economic and social improvements. The career is usually chosen by enterprising people who are looking for their own business in the future.

In which industries does a finance manager work?

In public institutions, as those responsible for the management and control of available funds, in banks and insurance companies, on the stock exchange, as managers of investment funds, in private companies in the commercial or service sector, e.g. for economic risks, for financial organizations at international level and also Foundations as consultants.

How do I know this race is for me?

The study of financial management is for people with deductive skills who are curious to analyze economic deals and propose possible strategies for different types of situations. The job is for retailers looking to the smallest point that favors a potential economic investment. People with motivation and initiative to present alternatives on a commercial level, with good persuasiveness, easy communication and sharing of ideas, math skills and entrepreneurial vision to increase the commercial value of products or services.

Advantages and disadvantages of the finance manager

The advantages of studying financial management are:

  • Wide range of employment opportunities, either in the private sector or in state institutions.
  • Get financial skills to manage your money.
  • Gain credibility for your word based on your statistical work.
  • You can help people by increasing the available public sector budget.
  • He develops his work …

馃 [2021] Why study financial management? I