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馃 [2021] Why study gastronomy?

2 julio, 2021

Do you want to make a living from gastronomy?

One of the professions whose enrollments have increased the most in recent years is gastronomy. Gastronomy itself refers to the food preparation processes.

鈥淥ne of the most important advantages of studying gastronomy is that it enables students to get to know and deepen different cultures. The desire to get to know new ingredients and methods of preparation allows us to immerse ourselves in different cultures to learn more about them. In addition, as part of our learning, we travel to other places to pursue gastronomy, to develop new products and other types of preparation, 鈥漵ays a graduate of the degree. 鈥淎n additional benefit of studying gastronomy is the way that professionals grow as people. Studying gastronomy and becoming a professional chef means not only learning the art of cooking, but also the obligation to improve what you already know and to learn more every day, 鈥漢e adds.

The professional of this career will be qualified to work in all types of restaurants, hotels or in their own company with a very wide range of opportunities both in their region and anywhere in the world.

According to the graduate, another advantage of studying gastronomy is the way it works. If you are one of those people who is bored with routine jobs, this is the perfect option for you as routine is a word that is excluded from their vocabulary. In addition, gastronomy professionals constantly work in a team, in constant movement, communication and interaction.

The study of gastronomy makes it possible to expand knowledge and develop creativity to the maximum, since it can be compared with professional cuisine with artistic work. When professionals discover new products and recipes, they can create new dishes and renew existing preparations in order to increase their prestige.

The gastronomy student has to learn one or more foreign languages 鈥嬧媔n order to get to know other cultures more easily.

Why study gastronomy?

  • Because you like the world of cooking and have always enjoyed cooking and innovating with new dishes.
  • Because you like to create to entertain your guests and you enjoy it when they like what you have prepared for them.
  • Because you’re curious and interested in exploring different cultures to experiment with new ingredients for the region you live in.
  • Because you believe cooking is an art …

馃 [2021] Why study gastronomy?