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馃 [2021] Why study hotel management? I

2 julio, 2021

The hospitality administration career provides an opportunity to become part of the hospitality industry, discover new cultures through interacting with large numbers of tourists, and learn gastronomic skills. The goal of the professional is to add a calling to service by fulfilling a client’s desires.

The hotel manager has activities such as assessing future situations, providing advice on improving the quality of guest service, promoting national and international marketing guidelines, and drawing up plans for running a hotel business. The professional ties in much of his work, manages the areas of maintenance and accounting, minimizes food and drink expenses, and evaluates the performance of each work area.

The hotel administration trains professionals for development in service areas and presents the tools to create independent projects related to the tourism sector. Young professionals have the ability to multitask in communication, marketing, sales, human resources, hospitality and hotel management.

Hotel management
Hotel management

How do I know if the race is for me?

If you want to travel, learn new languages 鈥嬧媋nd learn about cultures, hotel management is a great option for a professional future. The career requires an interest in organizing activities, the ability to interact with people from other countries, the attraction to tourism, the passion for aesthetics and order in the work areas and the union of a team to meet the wishes of. better service a customer. The hotel manager must be proactive, detailed and able to resolve problems beyond the established planning.

In which industries do you work?

The main place of work are the hotels. Among other things, we find companies from travel agencies, airlines and transport lines, world cruises, events such as congresses and congresses, restaurants, health rooms such as hospitals and clinics and, in the case of freelance work, company staff who offer a hotel service.

Advantages and disadvantages of hotel management

The advantages of studying hotel management are:

  • Knowledge of several languages.
  • Good pay for a job well done.
  • The high demand for skilled workers leads to a larger supply, with tourism being one of the sectors with the greatest expansion in recent years.
  • Generate well-being according to the wishes of the guests. Help when the customer asks.
  • International work trip.

The disadvantages of the race …

馃 [2021] Why study hotel management? I