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馃 [2021] Why study industrial engineering? I

2 julio, 2021

Industrial engineering trains professionals to develop new businesses and steer their direction according to a company’s needs.

The study of industrial engineering is aimed at people who want to solve all problems relating to a company in production, marketing, finance and human resources. Management that unites all areas is one of the goals of an industrial engineer.

With a solid business preparation, the career has a business orientation of the current market. The course of studies also has a space for each company area in order to provide concepts that can be used in the respective situation, be it as advice for the establishment of a company, the preparation of financial projects, in management in the marketing areas and in process management to optimize existing resources.

Study industrial engineering
Study industrial engineering

People studying this career are enterprising, persuasive in their intentions, with creativity and innovation to adapt to new working conditions, and proactive in the face of adversity. The goal of an industrial engineer is to plan and manage projects that increase the financial capital of a company and create economic and social prosperity in all areas of work.

How do I know if the race is for me?

Industrial engineering is for business management enthusiasts who are comfortable with decision-making, designing new businesses and dealing with mathematics. It’s a career that mixes the numbers for the economic factor with the social aspects and develops management to keep a company’s members compliant, increase productivity, and use the resources available.

In which industries does an industrial engineer work?

The main jobs of an industrial engineer are banks and companies close to the stock exchange. It can also be seen in financial firms, fund research, public institutions, and insurance companies. His tasks are in financial, foreign trade and investment planning in the short and long term.

Advantages and disadvantages of an industrial engineer:

The advantages of studying industrial engineering:

  • Broad job opportunities, both in public institutions and in private companies.
  • Knowledge level in various disciplines. The course combines the social aspects of a company with a scientific education that enables us to analyze the capital available to implement action plans.
  • Learning the basics to …

馃 [2021] Why study industrial engineering? I