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馃 [2021] Why study medicine?

1 julio, 2021

Would you like to become a doctor?

Medicine is a very traditional profession, although for this reason it is not the most chosen among the broad academic panorama on offer today. People who decide to study medicine have to perceive this profession as a real calling as it is not like the others. Many students choose it because of family tradition or pressures from their environment and then regret it. 鈥淣ot only can a doctor know what he felt in the final exam, he must know about the entire human body, about each of the existing pathologies, their causes, symptoms and possible treatments, be constantly up to date and the traditional working hours. It’s a calling, not a job, 鈥漵ays a professor of microbiology and parasitology. In this context, various doctors from public hospitals in the region confirm the statements of the professor, who claims that he is a doctor “24 hours a day, every day of his life”.

As a doctor, you look after people’s health, help the sick, prevent many diseases and contribute to a healthier society.

Medical students
Would you like to become a doctor?

Medicine is one of the longest courses of study in both public and private universities, and those who attend it know their lives will change completely. It is not a job for everyone, it is important to feel the need every day to help others and to put their rights above their own.

The medical career is much more demanding than the others and requires a much higher level of commitment from the students than is expected in other professions. In medicine, students should study because they are enthusiastic about it and not because they are evaluated. To study for the evaluations would be a great irresponsibility, because if the student who does so is accepted, he will have the lives of many people in his hands. The medical student has to be a committed person who loves the chosen profession, otherwise he is not in the right place.

Why study medicine?

  • Because you are passionate about the human body, everything it contains and each of the processes by which it works.
  • Because you are passionate about researching, questioning and analyzing, because this is the task that you perform on a daily basis when you are able to get involved with the pathologies of your patients or you can devote yourself exclusively to them.
  • Because you have a calling to service and yourself more …

馃 [2021] Why study medicine?