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馃 [2021] Why study psychiatry?

2 julio, 2021

If you are concerned about mental illness and want to prevent, treat, or investigate it, and have the human instinct and strict adherence to ethical principles, this is your job.

Psychiatry is the specialty devoted to the analysis of mental disorders. The purpose of this discipline is the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from these mental disorders. Psychiatry has different branches: psychopathology (which deals with the study of the processes that can lead to a mental disorder), psychopharmacology (the analysis of the effects of drugs in various treatments of mental illness) and sexology (the study of human sexuality) . ).

What do you need as a psychiatrist?

How do I know that psychiatry is the right job for me?

To study psychiatry, it is necessary to study medicine first, and then specialize in psychiatry. This suggests that the psychiatry career does not exist as such, but is a specialty or postgraduate degree that can be studied after completing the medical career. Practicing this specialty involves caring for some of the most vulnerable members of society: people with a mental illness or disorder. Therefore, the person who chooses this profession must have a personal taste for this type of pathology and medicine and health in general.

Psychiatry experts
The best universities to study psychiatry

What kind of job does a psychiatrist do? What is the scope of the race?

A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in mental health problems, their prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Psychiatrists have to look after people with various mental illnesses in public and / or private hospitals, clinics and sanatoriums and carry out the necessary therapeutic operations. Among all psychiatrists, such as psychologists, only psychiatrists are trained to diagnose all kinds of illnesses (both physical and mental), order medical laboratory tests, or prescribe medication. Well, only psychiatrists have a medical degree. This suggests that they can rule out any physical condition that could be causing the person a mental problem before diagnosing a mental disorder.

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History of Psychiatry

In which sectors are psychiatrists needed?

All groups of people need good mental health as this is a prerequisite for a better quality of life. In modern times there has been a significant growth in social …

馃 [2021] Why study psychiatry?