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馃 [2021] Why study Science of I?

2 julio, 2021

Societies have mutations in the way they connect, so studying communication sciences can be an excellent alternative.

Dean of the Faculty of Communication Studies at the University of Nebrija

Study communication science

It is common for students who do not want to follow a family mandate of professions, be it doctors, lawyers, auditors, architects, etc., to get into communication science. And who strive for a job that provides them with a wide range of knowledge in various subject areas. It is important to make it clear that the communicator must have a special predilection for reading, since the race involves daily observation of both the media and books of various styles (history, culture, statistics). If you are one of those people who likes to read the news carefully, this profession is a very interesting choice.

What is studied in communication science? What is the scope of communication science?

The professional field is very diverse, as what you have learned can be applied in different practices in the course of your professional life, and the difference between the countries is not an obstacle in addition to the profession with international appeal. Those who want to study communication sciences can develop persuasiveness and persuasiveness, provided that they have been able to put the concepts taught in the course into practice. Various communication-related disciplines are studied, so that each university prescribes the subjects it deems appropriate to carry out the subject in which it has registered. Topics can be related to statistics; Social psychology; the philosophical side of graphic design; History, can be an important topic in understanding the present of our day and knowing the past.

Public presentation

Communication field:

  • You can work in mass media
  • Advertising agencies
  • Digital agencies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Communication agencies
  • Radio, television and video production companies
  • Freelancer or self-employed
  • Private company

How many years does communication science take?

The length of study is closely related to the university that prescribes it. Second, it has to do with being able to get a bachelor’s degree in communications or not, which adds years of study. The average for a bachelor’s degree is around 4 years, as opposed to taking around 3 years if a career is chosen that does not imply that degree.

Advantages of studying …

馃 [2021] Why study Science of I?