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馃 [2021] Why study sociology?

3 julio, 2021

If you are the type of person who doesn’t necessarily follow crowds, but is fascinated by their behavior and what is going on in the world, then sociology is your profession.

What motivated you to study sociology? 鈥擣lorence: The main motivation that I remember is the concern about …

Why study sociology?

Sociology deals with the organization of society and people’s life experience. Sociology helps us see different societies with greater objectivity. It is a bachelor鈥檚 degree that draws attention to the ways in which sectors of society fit together and change, as well as the consequences of that societal change.

In modern bureaucratic industrial societies we are faced with an increasingly complex and changing social environment, and a sociological study provides the conceptual tools and methods and techniques for understanding the social environment when it is expressed in: group attitudes, values, behaviors, political processes the working class, families, organizations, consumers, governments.

Students and Faculty of Sociology
Why study sociology?

Sociology provides us with the tools and skills necessary to take a more active role in the formation, participation, promotion, and management of such groups.

For which people could this job be interesting? How do I find out if sociology is the perfect job for me?

Applicants who would like to enroll for the Bachelor in Sociology must have: Ability to analyze, reflect and interpret social, political and economic conflicts; Ability to work in a team; Interest in and readiness for field and documentary research; want to read.

What kind of work does a Bachelor of Sociology Professional do? What is the scope of the race?

Those who study sociology can work in various industries and professions. A Bachelor in Sociology can lead to broad career prospects in all of the following areas:

Criminal Justice: In correctional facilities, rehabilitation, police, judiciary, probation system, etc.

Economy and industry: advertising, human resources, education and training, management training, etc.

Research and planning: Government and regional planning authorities, research companies, research, evaluation of opinion inquiries, etc.

Social Services: Psychiatric Services, Adoption, Child Care, Youth Services, Disability Services, etc.

Government: analysis of social sciences, census bureau and other government agencies, administration, analysis of personnel policy, national …

馃 [2021] Why study sociology?