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馃 [2021] Why study to become a stewardess? I

3 julio, 2021

The stewardess or passenger cabin crew (TCP) on an aircraft is the face of the airline. She is the person passengers see and interact with and is also responsible for passenger safety.

The function of a TCP is to ensure the safety of its passengers.

A TCP is trained intensively in order to be able to work in an airplane. Pass theoretical and physical exams.

What do you study to become a stewardess?

Is it a job or a study?

To study to become a stewardessIt is important that you adjust your high school diploma so that you can later embark on a career in a tourism and hospitality industry. So, you should have a college prep plan as it usually requires basic knowledge, languages, and swimming skills. It is also recommended that you prepare in a foreign language, or better yet, in multiple languages.

Stewardess course
Stewardess, flight attendant, flight attendant, purser

There is no college degree to be obtained Flight attendant or TCP But there are courses you can take, and on many occasions it is usually a prerequisite for a recruitment process to take a course before starting work, as Flight attendant with an airline.

Before you submit your resume to start your career in Air Stewardess, it is very important to also have some experience with Customer service. The easiest way to do this is to do a part-time job while studying.

A job in customer service for any company, but also as a cashier or even a waiter in a restaurant, is ideal.

Stewardess on the way to the plane
Flight attendant

To access the course Stewardess or TCP Minimum conditions are required, which vary in each country, in the case of European Community it is necessary Be a member of any country in the European Union or have a residence or study permit, hold the title ESO or equivalent (BUP or FP).

Health certificate An aero-medical examination is requested from the EU if it can be proven that you are in sufficient physical and mental health (heart and respiratory function, nervous system, sufficient hearing acuity and normal function of the throat, nose and ears). The eyesight must not exceed 5 diopters, the body size is based on the airline’s specifications (women: from 1.57 m. Approx. And men: from 1.68 m. Approx.). In the case of a tattoo or piercing, it should not be visible with the uniform. Regarding the age limits, the maximum of 35 years and at least it is necessary …

馃 [2021] Why study to become a stewardess? I