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馃 [2021] Why Study to Become a Systems Analyst? I

1 julio, 2021

A systems analyst is the person who analyzes and describes a problem that is solved by a computer system.

Systems analysts are professionals who are responsible for analyzing computer systems in order to correct the errors they may have about a computer system. That is, a systems analyst describes a specific problem in a computer system so that the software developer can provide a solution.

What is studied in systems analysis?

To become a systems analyst, it is necessary to study subjects or subjects related to computer science, information technologies and their application both in technological projects and in various organizations. Therefore, during the career as a systems analyst, subjects such as computer systems, software, applied programming, systems analysis, information systems, etc. are studied. To be a systems analyst, it is therefore necessary to have knowledge of mathematics as well as other basic sciences.

Why study a career as a systems analyst?
Why study a career as a systems analyst?

Does it mean the same everywhere?

Systems analysts are referred to as systems engineers in countries like Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.

What tasks does a systems analyst perform?

A systems analyst systematically examines and evaluates corporate information systems by examining the processing, data entry and production of that information. The work of a systems analyst does not stop there, however. In addition to the systematic evaluation of computer systems, he has to interact with people of different kinds and assume the roles of consultant, change agent and technical expert.

What jobs does a systems analyst do?

As mentioned in the previous section, the systems analyst can have various roles. In the case of a systems analyst with a consultant role, he or she works externally for a company, analyzes the company’s computer system and gives the necessary advice on how to improve it. Systems analysts in the role of change agent, on the other hand, have more responsibility and perform all kinds of activities related to the development of computer systems, since it is they who make the change from one system to another in a company. After all, a computer engineer or technical support professional is the one who fixes the bugs of a company’s computer system, so he is not responsible for the project like the systems analyst who has the role of change agent.


馃 [2021] Why Study to Become a Systems Analyst? I